Best financial planning after the age of 60

Best financial planning after the age of 60

Time passes very quickly and who just a few years ago could be imagining what his life would be like when he was 40, he finds that he has just fulfilled them. Gone are the years when he met the one who, until now, is his partner and with whom he bought a flat and had children. In what would be the most common life trajectory, the entry into the 60s is usually synonymous with a more settled existence.

And in the later 60’s its time to fulfill your dreams and live them to the fullest before growing elder, but after spending some money, it is time to think about how to deal with those that will come in the future. A change of car, a reform of the house, the university studies of the children or, already with a view to the long term, retirement and dependency. Not to mention the creation of a cushion with which to take on unforeseen events such as unemployment or illness. For those who have an acceptable capacity for savings, it is, therefore, necessary to sit down and think about how to have the capital with which to cover those needs. Here are some great finance tips for 60’s age and above, to keep in mind while falling into an investment plan:

The investor should always consider his risk profile and tolerance to losses:

In any case, self-respecting financial planning should closely monitor the progress of the market. The selection of a portfolio of securities or funds cannot be a fixed photo but adapted to the circumstances of the moment. The manager has the task of selecting the best asset to invest in at all times and the most suitable vehicle, be it a fund or a pension plan.

The stock market reigns in the long term:

The advisors agree that, in the longer term, the Exchange is the best investment alternative They explain that “from an objective point of view, in 20-year series, even if they have lived through the worst of the possible periods, it would be better to invest in a 100% equity portfolio”.

Investment funds according to the term:

In line with the creation of three savings compartments over time, for the shortest period of a year, it is committed to the fixed income fund; for the medium term, of at least three years, its board is a mixed fund of up to 20% of the stock market. Health plans at include 2020 medicare supplement plans for the future.